About Our Township


The North Codorus Township Municipal Building is located at 1986 Stoverstown Road at the west end of the Village of Stoverstown and houses the Township Office and Highway Department.

Community Park

Behind the Municipal Building, 15.6 acres have been developed to create a recreational park for use by the residents. Soccer fields, baseball fields and tennis courts are put to good use.

North Codorus Township Fire Company

Fifty-five years ago many members of this Community started the Stoverstown Fire Company, Station #12. At this time, they purchased their first fire truck and built a fire station on Fire Hall Road. Many dedicated volunteers who saw the need for the fire service to begin in their community accomplished all this.

As the community grew, so did the fire company and the need for many different types of emergency responses. Today, emergency responses range from firefighting to vehicle, residential and commercial rescue, and medical assist calls with the local ambulance services.

More fire equipment had to be purchased, a merger with the North Codorus Township was approved, a township fire chief was appointed and a new fire station was built on Salem Road in 1994. Today, Station #12 covers 33 square miles with over 8,900 residents, an approximately 70 community members volunteering their time.